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that went down during the morning rush. we have team coverage of today's metro power problems beginning with bruce johnson. he is live at the rhode island metro in northeast. bruce. >> derek, you are absolutely right. metro doesn't know what caused the two power outages. trying to figure this out and they are doing it as tens and thousands of people are entering the system or are already in the system trying to get home. this evening, metro has extra personnel on board at the two power stations that failed and elsewhere in the system, just in case there's trouble. >> some concern. we don't know the cause. it could happen again. >> right. it could happen again. if it were to happen again, our response would be much, much faster because personnel are already there. >> what happened this morning in a two hour period caused two trains, both on the red line, to lose power and keep tens and thousands of passengers stuck in the system for up to an hour. >> you have a delay down there? >> i have to get to work.
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>> a whole hour. >> i listen to music and looking at videos. >> not upset? >> no, it's usual. >> this began between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. a red line train was coming out of the station back there to the south, just like this one here. it was half way between the rhode island avenue station when suddenly that middle rail lost power. metro couldn't solve the problem. eventually, they had to get some 60 people off of the train. >> we made the decision to get those 60 passengers safely off that train, back to a platform located nearby where buses were waiting. in that process, there were no injuries and that train, two passengers were transported to local hospitals for medical evaluation. >> there was no evacuation in the second incident this morning. between 9:00 and 10:00, red line train near the tinnily town station came to a halt after the power failed. >> metro carries a million people a day, all around our region. any time our passengers are
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affected in that way and their regular commute is concerning. >> now about those people transported to the hospital. one, an elderly woman. the other a man in his 50s. don't know the outcome of what happened to them once they got to the hospital. not believed to be serious. there was a third person who was taken to the hospital. this person came from tinley town. this person was complaining of anxiety issues. that person was transported to the hospital. lesli, back to you. >> thank you. and we continue our team coverage with more about the problems bruce mentioned over at the tinley town metro. surae chinn is there. those people are sure hoping for a smoother evening rush hour, surae. >> reporter: lesli, so far, so good. but at the time 20 to 30 people got off the train. one person did suffer from anxiety taken to the hospital. the incident, one person again taken to the hospital. some were so fed up they decided to get off the train
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the first chance they got. >> there was frustration. >> i don't know. i just didn't want to take the train anymore. >> and confusion. >> try to get the fire back on. they said they are going to evacuate us again. >> people want to evacuate. >> andy took this picture, sitting in the dark train. >> no air-conditioning. no electricity at all. it was pretty crazy. >> the six car train was full to capacity with a thousand on board. it would take metro about an hour to restore power and move the train 150 feet to the station platform. >> i could tell that more and more people in the train were having -- ladies were experiencing panic attacks and people were beginning to get restless. >> anny is like many we talked with that say they don't have a choice but to rely on the transit system. >> i mean, it's my only option. >> it hasn't affected my trust
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in the metro system or made me afraid of the metro system. >> it's the best way to travel in this city. >> i still have confidence in going to work and going home. i wish congress would give metro the funds it needs to actually do the maintenance that it needs so this wouldn't be a consistent problem. >> riders will continue to use metro, but anny wants you to consider this. >> it is just a simple power outage. if something more extreme, like an act of violence were to occur, what would we have done? >> and metro's new protocall is to respond in five minutes. then to decide if they are going to evacuate or not. they did respond quickly, but as to why they took so long or why they flip-flopped on evacuate or not evacuate, they are trying to figure that one out. metro says staying on the train is the safest bet. only in rare circumstances do they say to self-evacuate. of course this is not over. they are trying to figure out a lot of questions right now.
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back to you, lesli. >> let's hope they find those answers quickly. anita. district police are investigating a bold home invasion attempt in northwest. the suspect allegedly used some kind of device to disable the homeowner's electrical system. he tells 9news he went downstairs after noticing his lights were flickering suddenly. the house is in the 3600 block of 35th street in the embassy row neighborhood. the homeowner, novelist, allen, says it looks like the burglars tried to pry or kick in his front door. a guilty verdict for a former army ranger accused of killing his gaithersburg roommate. a montgomery county jury deliberated for 12 hours before finding gary smith guilty of involuntary manslaughter. his roommate, michael mcqueen, was also an army ranger. he was found shot to death in 2006 after the two spent a night smoking marijuana, drinking, and playing pool. they served together in afghanistan. the defense contended that mcqueen had shot himself. an armed man apparently
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firing off his gun for no reason anybody could determine is now fighting for his life pave after being shot by the cops. that's right along the d.c., maryland border. police say the gunman was just randomly firing into the air and he got confrontational. the officerrers asked him to drop his weapon. >> the suspect in this case chose to engage our officers in a gun battle. he shot at our officers. he has been transported to a local hospital where he is in critical condition and being treated for his wounds right now. >> and as of now, police have not released that suspect's name. the gunman was the only person hurt. a civil lawsuit was filed today on behalf of a prince georges county teenager who says he was the victim of police brutality. now the teen admits he ran from police this summer, but he says what followed was uncalled for. >> they caught me and he pulled me down and he punched
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me in my face three times. and he had my hands behind my back and as i was -- as he put my hands behind his back, i swiped his gun. i thought he was trying to take it. so he pulled the gun out and put it to my head and asked me if i ever had a hammer to my head. >> a grand jury indicted rickie. a ten-year veteran on assault charges. he has been suspended from the force. mitt romney turning from defense to offense today. aggressively attacking the president's economic policy. now in the tight race for the white house, the gop nominee is looking at a new poll showing him trailing in three key states. danielle nottingham is at the white house with the latest. >> derek, president obama trailed mitt romney in colorado last month. now he is pulling ahead there and in two other key swing states. raising campaign cash in
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atlanta, mitt romney worked to steer his message back to the economy and away from the secretly recorded comments he made to campaign donors. >> the question of this campaign is not who cares about the poor and the middle class. i do, he does. the question is, who can help the poor and the middle class. i can, he can't. >> the number two on the republican ticket spent wednesday looking for votes in virginia. where a new poll of likely voters shows president obama leading romney by four points. he is also up by six points in wisconsin and a point in colorado. paul ryan pointed to remarks the president made when he was in illinois state senator. >> president obama said that he believes in redistribution. mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute their wealth. >> white house says republicans are bringing up a 14-year-old tape to divert attention away from romney's own caught on
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tape comments. >> in circumstances like that, there are efforts made, sometimes desperate efforts made to change the subject. >> michelle obama was on the trail in north carolina wednesday. drumming up support for her husband. >> if barack wins north carolina, we will be well on our way to putting barack back in the white house for four more years. >> the president and mitt romney will meet in colorado in just two weeks for their first debate. the theme of the first debate is domestic policy. it will be separated two six segments. each lasting 15 minutes. the topics will be announced shortly. at the white house, danielle nottingham, back to you, derek. >> thank you, danielle. and this evening, mitt romney making his case to latino voters. he'll be participating. that's going to be before he gets to a rally in miami. president obama gets his turn on the spanish language tv network thursday. >> we have a special health and consumer alert for you
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tonight and it's about arsenic levels in the foods you eat. first it was concerns about apple juice. now questions raised about the safety of rice. a consumer reports investigation found troubling levels of arsonic in a variety of products from baby cereals to rice drinks. >> feeds her kids rice about once a week. she is paying close attention to this latest news. >> whether you are a parent or not, it's a big worry. >> consumer report study found higher levels in brown rice than white because of the way it's processed. it also found higher levels of arsenic in rice produced in southern states than in race from california or asia. >> rice is grown in water and soil in a way that it appears to absorb a bit more arsenic than other foods. >> arsenic occurs naturally in the environment. there are two kinds. the fda says organic arsenic passes through the body quickly and harmless. inorganic arsenic, the type found in pesticides, that can
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cause cancer. >> inorganic arsenic is a carcinogen that has been linked to cancer. we do recommend you limit the amount of rice that you eat. and some doctors believe it's better to be more cautious when it comes to young children. >> my advice to parents right now is stay away from rice and go with oatmeal. go with barley, go with wheat products. >> commissioner, margaret hamberg says its preliminary results show levels are hire than expected, the fda is not telling people to stop eating rice. >> there is no need based on the scientific literature to change dietary consumption of rice overall. >> now again, we need to point out the fda is conducting its own study of arsenic in rice and those results will be out within a few months. lesli, now you are here to talk about the specific findings
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that consumer reports came up with. you have a lot of products here. >> you know there's no federal limit for arsenic in most foods. but there is a federal limit for drinking water, which is ten parts per billion. consumer reports tested a whole host of products, including cereal and pasta and rice and flour, even drinks that have inorganic arsenic, as low as six parts per billion to 500 parts per billion. the inorganic arsenic levels were higher in brown rice, what you see here, than they were in white rice, which is really interesting. even within the same brand. test results show the total of arsenic in the whole foods, 365 every day brand of long grain brown rice had a total of 210 to 282 parts per billion while the brand's white rice right here only had about 82 to 99 parts per billion. it's a lot of numbers.
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it can be really confusing. >> that's in the processing of the rice. >> right. other brands that tested high included carolina whole grain brown rice. wal-mart's great value brown rice, and uncle ben's whole grain brown rice. so there's a bit of a trend here where the brown rice is testing higher than the white rice. now you heard in your piece, consumer reports saying we should cut back on rice products. the fda saying you don't have to. i'm sure people who still have concerns are wondering, what can they do? >> we heard from that pediatrician there. taking a stronger stand. these are concerning levels. there are easy things folks can do, not only in the way they prepare the rice, but in the choices they make. let's start with the raw rice you're talking about here. rinsing it before you cook can actually rinse away some of the residue, cook it six cups of water to one cup of rice and then get rid of that water. don't do the kind where it all
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absorbs in. that's the way they cook it in asia and that's what we should be doing here with the rice cooker or whatever. infant cereals. this is a big one. consumer reports saying one serving per day of the rice cereal and that's it. mix in barley or corn grits, oatmeal. other good choices so you aren't just doing rice cereal all day long. and then the other thing when it comes to adults, you have two cereals here, which are rice. that's fine once in a while. what consumer reports are saying, mix it up. don't let that be the staple. i have mini wheats here. wheat products, these kind of things, pastas that are not rice based. looking at your overall consumption is a take home message. >> it will be interesting to see what the fda does. the consumer angle and the health angle, they can be worlds apart. we'll see what happens and whether or not they can meet in
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the middle somewhere. >> absolutely. derek, back to you. >> thank you for that one. now the pilot of a u.s. customs and border protection helicopter into hot water for his part in an elaborate high school dance. we go live to the scene of the controversy. >> we'll talk about how chilly it's going to be tonight. you might be surprised to look ahead to high school football weather and the weather for the skins home opener. up next, delayed, but not denied. back to school today in chicago and you might imagine some parents couldn't be happier about that. we'll tell you what it took to get the teachers back in class when we come back.
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u.s.a. swimming has issued a lifetime ban today for former local a- list coach, rick curl. curl was accused of having a sexual relationship with a swimmer in the 1980s. she decided to come forward after revealing she received $150,000 in hush money. with ten sites in the washington area, the 62-year- old coach headed the curl, burke swim club. it has since changed its name. 350,000 children head back to school in chicago today following an eight-day long teacher strike. >> final vote on the deal is still to come, teachers are back on the job and emily schmidt reports on what's in that final deal. >> chicago's public school students went back to class wednesday ready to learn. >> it feels kind of good, because now we are going to learn more things. >> i'm excited.
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>> this was the first school day since 29,000 teachers and support staff walked off the job september 10. giving students more than a week of out of school lessons about the fallout of contract negotiations. >> i hope there's no more strikes for the rest of the year. >> everybody is at fault at this. it shouldn't have happened. >> tuesday, teacher's union delegates voted to suspend the strike as karen lewis called it the best deal they could get at this time. >> when we started the process, the board gave us a 25 page contract that gutted our rights and gutted everything. we have worked to get those back. >> the proposed deal calls for average raises of 17.6% over four years. less than the 30% teachers wanted. seniority pay increases stayed in. though the district and mayor rahm emanuel got the longer year and longer school day they wanted. >> starting in kidergarden.
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we'll get 2 1/2 years more of schooling than they would have had over the old system. >> chicago's mayor called the contract an honest compromise. teachers will load on it in the next couple of weeks and in the meantime, they will be on the job with students in the classroom. in washington, emily schmidt, 9news now. >> sometimes you don't appreciate school until you can't go. that proposed contract deal still keeps the emphasis on student test scores because state law requires ll not facto in teacher evaluations. guys. loving it out here. >> absolutely. another gorgeous day. >> i tell you what, when the sun goes down, it's very dry. dry air masses cool off and they warm up fast. it's going to cool off quickly tonight. now we were kind of busy yesterday. >> just a little bit. >> so on yesterday's day back in '03, isabel rolled through. you might remember isabel. at one time we had 1.4 million
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customers without power and 500,000 cust merse without power in montgomery county alone. we think it surpassed that in montgomery county. the total number was a million during the duracho. isabel, 58-mile per hour wind gusts at national. they had 5 to 8 inches of rain out of town. it was just a mess. it was a mess. right now, we are looking at our michael and son weather cam. 72. gorgeous. look at the dew point. 42. we haven't seen dew points in the 30s yet. that's close. humidity 34%. that's a good indication of how cold it can get tonight. if you have calm winds and clear skies, which we're going to have. winds are calm and the pressure and it is on the rise. look at these temperatures. upper 60s and low 70s. we are still in summer, this is a touch of fall. 66 in gaithersburg. 67 in great falls. 66 in vienna. 67 in bethesda.
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71 over in college park. so another nice stretch of weather setting up. chilly tonight, grab your sweater for the morning and send it to the kids for the bus stop. need your sunglasses tomorrow and even warmer on friday. in fact, a great night for high school football friday night. clear and chilly tonight. open the windows. but not too far. 46 to 56 for lows. i mean, we're talking about temperatures in town in the low to mid 50s. but you go to rockville and gaithersburg, you're in the upper 40s. 50 in fairfax. even 50 over in college park. so next three days, no surprise here. code green, green, and green. we earned it. spectacular tomorrow. 78. friday, great. a little warmer. low 80s. a couple showers possible, but that's saturday night. today will be fine, still nice. temperatures in the mid 80s. that's our first day of fall. it's our last full day of summer on friday. next seven days. looks like this. on sunday, we have the skins, 1:00, that's right here on channel 9. temperatures low 70s for game time. going up to m and t bank
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stadium. take a sweater up there. by the time that game is over, you could be in the upper 40s and low 50s. we get into next week, not looking too bad really. on monday, cooler. low 70s. upper 70s on tuesday and back in the low 80s with a late shower possible on wednesday. this is a touch of fall. it is brisk and clean. i like it. >> my favorite season. love it. >> invigorating. >> a whole bunch of great words we can use to describe it. >> lindsay lohan has been arrested again. come on. what did she do this time? we'll tell you coming up. up next, anxiety is running high at the national zoo as cure cure they keep an eye on the panda cub. you.
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we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord.
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it starts with you. and yes, it's an anxious week at the national zoo where employees are keeping a close eye on the new panda cub. the tiny cubs are born hairless and helpless and that makes them at risk for infections. they are so small, it's not unheard of for moms to accidentally crush their
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offspring. zoo keepers are focused 1 00% on the den this week and with every passing day, they are more confident that little baby is going to survive. the space shuttle even denver endeavor is on its way to its final journey. bolted to the top of a jumbo jet. it made it as far as houston today after flying low along the way. endeavor flew 25 times in space before it was retired last year. what's old is new again at the smithsonian. the national museum of american history is assembling a covered wagon. and visitors got a chance to see them prepare and clean the 1800 era conostoga wagon. covered wagons played a crucial role in helping settlers haul supplies and manpower from the eastern u.s. to the western frontier. lindsay lohan is in trouble with the law again. perhaps she should have been riding in a covered wagon
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instead. she clipped a pedestrian as she was parking her car. the actress was arrested around 2:00 in the morning after she was leaving a club. now this time, the cops say alcohol not a factor. lohan is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and she is due in court sometime later on. the victim was treated for a minor knee injury. coming up, a new study says adding yogurt may lower your risk of high blood pressure. and can a ten second body scan change the way you shop? i'm going to put it to the test after the break. it involved a helicopter, a stuffed animal, and some flowers. now dad is in big trouble after the helicopter here at patriot high school. i'm peggy fox. the story coming up.
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some guys who come up with creative ways to ask their girls to the school dance. tonight, we're going to tell you about one we're calling operation invitation drop. >> it sounds funny, but a pilot is now in hot water. his part in the elaborate stunt. our peggy fox is there. she is live with a doosy of a story. peggy, there's a tv behind you. >> yeah, well i tell you what. that's a cool sign, isn't it? it was one week ago today after school when students here at
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patriot high school saw something they will probably never see again. a government helicopter hovering over the football field. low, and making a drop. the pilot is a father of a student here who is helping his son get a date to the upcoming dance. even though dad got permission from the school, he didn't get permission from uncle sam. now he is in trouble for what he did. >> all of a sudden, a helicopter came and it was sitting right over top of that fence right there. >> students snapped pictures of the helicopter as it hovered over their football field. >> i thought it was awesome. >> here's one posted on instaygram. >> a helicopter coming from the right side of this field and then it just kept on coming to the football field. i didn't know what to do. >> the chopper dropped a stuffed bulldog carrying a request for senior, tori burriss. who is the football team's first female kicker. >> when i came out to tryouts,
5:32 pm
i never kicked a football before and then jamie started teaching me techniques. >> the first string kicker and according to these students, the one who sent the message from above. >> janey had flowers and he walked over to tori and they walked over to the stadium and i think it was a teddy bear that said dear tori, will you go to homecoming with me? it was so cute. >> his father is a pilot for the u.s. custom border patrol. he did not get authorization for the drop. he did, however, get permission from the principal. >> the father was a licensed pilot who consistently flies over that area. the principal was clear it could be done safely. >> the pilot has been reassigned while officials review the incident. >> who can say, i got asked to homecoming with a teddy bear from my helicopter. for her to say that is really
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cool. >> now the customs and border patrol say that there was no added expense to the drop because the pilot was conducting routine training. however, because he did not get authorization, he has been reassigned temporarily and any possible disciplinary action against him is pending. derek. >> peggy, if i had a dad like that, my high school career could have been totally different. thank you so much. on to our health alert. more food dangers. we have known that tuna carries measurable amounts of mercury. got to watch how much sushi you eat. the amount in tuna harms brain development in younger children. they have come out with recommendations, including the following. never serve children albacore tuna. no more than once per month, and those over 55-pounds, no
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more than twice per month. let's say your family eats tuna a lot. children who eat it once a week should be tested for mercury levels in the blood and parents, let's try to mix up the seafood. it's the total amount. go forward with other types of seafood. adding yogurt to your diet may lower your risk for high blood pressure. along with the dannon company, they found those who ate at least one serving every three days lower blood pressure risk factors by a third. the findings were presented in an event nor the american heart association. >> perhaps you can relate to this next story. head out for a day of shopping on a frustrating quest to answer the question, what is my size? but companies are now taking the fitting room into the future in hopes of creating a new painless way to shop. >> store by store, brand by brand, it can be a major feet to figure out what really works for your body. >> i usually have a hard time
5:35 pm
finding exactly what fits me the best. >> so this shopper is eager to step into a size matching station called meality to take the guess work out of finding the right fit. here's how it works. a wand does a quick once over your body and goes over a series of calculations that will extract your just right fit at different retailers. >> so you're saying to me in 10 to 15 seconds, you could find your best fit somewhere? >> absolutely. we use radio waves that measure 200 points of measurement on your body. and that's how you find your best fit. >> she took her shopping guide to aroepostale. how did she do? >> they fit really well. >> i took a chance with the scan, too. >> the wand is going to go around twice. >> finally, the printout that will save me time. >> armed with new information, i went shopping for jeans.
5:36 pm
got some low end jeans at the gap, mid range at chico's and i went to nordstrom for the high end jeans. >> these are the gap ankle zip jeans and they are a size 4 and they fit, but they just fit. these are the chico's jeans in a size oo. i don't think i've ever been a oo, but they feel pretty good. the page jeans, these are also the most expensive, but they are the ones i think fit the best. if you can find your best fit and find it fast, they hope this kind of technology will change the way we shop, or change what we return. >> so the scan is free. you can search for tops, pants, skirts, dresses in stores or online. this is the only body scanner that lets you keep your clothes on. this is one of many tools out there. bloomingdales is using swivel in some of its stores. this is the print out you get.
5:37 pm
the piece of paper with name, brands, sizes. i am a size 2, 4, 5, and 6. this is why they say there's no standard sizing. in different stores. there are seven locations in our area. the closest one in d.c. is fair oaks mall. you can go, too. >> i will go, although it might give me more information than i want. >> i can't wait to try it. >> oh man. >> all right folks, coming up, a tall county building causing big problems for a 9/11 memorial in downtown rockville. why is that? we will tell you. but up next, caught on tape, a geyser burst out in the backyard of somebody's house. that's something you don't want. no. not at all. don't forget, we're always on at you do want a geyser? >> no. you think?
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caught on tape, a really huge water main break in the heartland. this is a gusher captured on a viewer cell phone in tulsa, oklahoma. these water streams are shooting up in the air and knocking out service all over town. they hope to have it done later tonight. a new courthouse building is ruining the intentions of a
5:41 pm
9/11 memorial. it's in rockville. >> the plaque features the names of 11 montgomery county residents who were killed in the terrorist attacks. it was designed so on every anniversary, a beam of sunlight would travel across the memorial at 8:46. that is the exact time the first plane hit the world trade center. but a tall courthouse annex. that one right there across the street is blocking the sunlight. but all is not lost. the sun does rise enough that it starts illuminating the names at 9:37 a.m. and that's the exact moment the pentagon was hit. a tradition for parents and their kids is coming to an end. we'll chat about that up next.
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we are just saying what we think about the things you have been talking about all week long. we have anita, lesli, j.c. hayward, and we have a lot of love from our facebook friends last week for keeping it real.
5:45 pm
let's get started with the real topics we got for you. we are up to rhode island where they have banned those traditional father, daughter, mother, son activity. a single mother complained they wouldn't let her daughter go. now no more. next, i guess no more rope climbing because the one arm guy couldn't participate. >> shame, shame, shame on the school. shame on the school for not allowing this girl to attend. you know, i don't know why she doesn't have a father, maybe he served in the war, maybe he died. maybe they are divorced. she should have been able to attend with her mother if she wanted to. >> i'm sensitive about that. as someone who grew up with a single parent for a while. i can understand the mother's concern about this. and i can understand the child's concern feeling like, you know, she might be left out. but you bring in a father figure. that's when the school says you know what? bring an uncle, bring a god father. bring a friend, bring somebody who can fill in. >> does it have to be an aclu
5:46 pm
thing though? >> you wouldn't have to get rid of the whole institution, which is special for a lot of people. make it easier for a child who may not have it still be part of it. enter speaking of situations, we have a recent "new york times" piece asking a question, why men fail. i got to tell you, i read this one very closely. >> you should have. >> that piece said that boys get most of the d's and f's. women dominate the fastest growing professions. all of that, all because they say some of women's traits make them superior to guys in the modern, post indust tri yam industryial world. >> perhaps that may be a contrast between how males may approach something. >> anita, what do you think? >> i see it in my kids, sorry
5:47 pm
guys. i see it in my friends kids. girls tend to be just much more driven, organized. i got to get this done than the guys. now again, maybe that's not always the case, but i read that with scientists talking about why do boys not do as well in some subjects in why are they not motivated? i don't think the guys get as much, you know, push to hey, i have to get an a on that chemistry test. >> maybe we need to give them more attention. >> boys have not changed. girls have not changed over the years. society has changed. hip, hip, hooray that women are finally getting their rightful place in society. we have protested. we have screamed. we have begged. we have done everything to get our rights. finally now women are rising to the top. for so long, there was that glass ceiling that we couldn't
5:48 pm
penetrate. and so now -- >> you know what i say? all three of you throw like girls. >> oh whatever. >> now, we move on to the royal family because folks are outraged about these pictures, topless pictures of prince william's wife, kate, which have been printed in european media. if one of you were out sunbathing topless, would you be mad in someone started snapping photos? >> i don't bathe topless. >> you are missing out. i do all the time. >> we should keep those to yourself. >> the whole idea is, you don't have control. >> you think they should be able to sue? >> she should be able to sunbathe naked if she wants to. the key difference -- >> but here's the thing. they were in a secluded
5:49 pm
chateau. somebody had a super duper telephonic lens. this is not a woman who conducts herself in that way. i would be mortified. i would be mortified. because she's a royal, she can sue. >> i wouldn't be exactly mortified. >> we know you wouldn't. >> so she says now. >> all right. in the meantime, speaking of, this is the perfect subject for j.c. since she wouldn't be mortified by a topless photo. there is a new way to conserve water. it's called shower pooling. now a new ad campaign for ax grooming products is urging guys to shower with a friend or an attractive stranger. i think they are joking, but maybe they're not. >> now they have come up with the term for what i thought was going on in college. you know, i was in a co-ed dorm. i didn't shower pool, but there were people who did and we were trying to figure out what the term was. that's it. >> lesli didn't acknowledge any shower pooling. >> i want to shower pool with
5:50 pm
jerry. you know what, good luck with that. >> i'm not going to touch that one in more ways than one. anita, i'm going to count on you to rescue me. >> no, no, no. >> i'm letting you down a little bit. axe is a great marketing campaign. if you know the products, they are super popular with the young guys. >> your young man wears them, right? >> even the younger one insisted on axe shampoo. i have an axe household going on. that whole sexual innuendo in this, of course it's about conserving water. it's great marketing. >> it's green. it's green. it's conservation. >> it goes along with axe being in the hip, in the now. >> i don't think anybody is buying that concept and that anybody is really going to believe that shower pooling is
5:51 pm
a way to conserve water. >> time has come. that's what i'm saying and i'm sticking with it. let's get over to topper. >> derek is the ultimate diplomat, isn't he? here's a live look outside. it's our michael and son weather cam. pressure is steady over the past hour. temperatures comfortable. now if you're going to go out tonight and stay out late, temperatures are going to fall quickly. 69 in rockville. 67 already in bethesda. 71 in college park. we have mid 60s in vienna. 68 out toward leesburg and 66. so it's going to fall very quickly tonight. if you're going to go to the second game of the double header, the nats game, bring a sweater. another nice stretch setting up. chili tonight, grab a sweat r for the morning. give one to the kids. you'll need your sunglasses and it turns warmer on friday. a nice way to finish the week.
5:52 pm
for tonight, clear skies, chilly. open the windows. not too far. i mean, lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s. winds turn east, very, very comfortable inside the beltway. we're talking low to mid 50s. you go north and west, you have 40s. 49 in rockville. 49 in reston. 50 in fairfax. and 51 in bowie. so tomorrow morning, gorgeous. sunny with a chilly start. you'll need a sweater early. 40s and 50s to start. winds easterly at 5 to 10. by afternoon, spectacular. highs upper 70s and winds east, southeast at 5 to 10. next three days, going to be code green, green, and green. that's good. spectacular tomorrow, 78 with sunshine. 81 on friday. it's our last full day of summer on friday. and then saturday, fall rolls in. it will still feel like summer. 84, perhaps a shower late saturday evening or saturday night. this is not a power packed system coming in here.
5:53 pm
next seven days. on sunday, cooler for the redskin game. low 70s. very cool up in baltimore for the ravens game. monday cool, too, low 70s and back in the upper 70s tuesday and on wednesday, some showers come in late. warming back up. high temperatures in the low 80s. here's what is coming up. i'm scott broom pretending to sleep on the job in frederick county in order to test out a very expensive new chair. coming up, you'll hear the shocking price tag and why -- >> used chair from a used furniture company. >> some in the county are questioning the cause. and it's wednesday, that means we get to hear from the quarterback. what rg3 has to say about the skins next on 9news.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
all right folks, we're just two games into the football season, but robert griffin iii is already making an impression. >> if you seen the games, you know. the qb has the athleticism and the speed and not afraid to use them. >> kristen berset is here to tell us why it's not going to end any time soon. >> we knew he was a mobile quarterback. we knew the redskins would use that to their advantage, but there has been plenty of cringe worthy moments so far. redskins fans worry their franchise qb will get hurt by being so aggressive. rg3 says it's nothing you need
5:57 pm
to worry about. >> teams are going to try to hit me because they don't think i can take a hit. i think i proved that over my career that i can. so it's football. i remember one play after the play, we're going to hit you every play. i said isn't this football? so it's nothing that i'm not used to. in college, they tried to -- on my sophomore year, so coach taught me, get what you can and protect yourself and get down. i have become pretty good at avoiding hits or avoiding the bigger hits. >> a couple times they were with their helmets and i had to dodge them. this is something i've come accustomed to, being able to move my body that way. >> we have been doing a good job not getting sacked. that gives them a chance with the intelligence he has to tot
5:58 pm
sacked three times, through two games, he is ranked 18th with rushing yards with 124. that's more than several runningbacks, like shonn greene. griffin averages just over six yards a carry. this past sunday the rookie scored his first two touchdowns. we'll have more from rg3 and his skins prepare for their home opener. plus, a starter has been receiving death threats. more on that a little later in sports. this is 9news now. >> we were just stuck under ground for an hour and a half. the lights kept going on and off. >> and that's fun for nobody. power problems making a mess of the commute for metro riders and tonight, the rail system trying to figure out what went wrong. it all gets started with a red line train lost power between the rhode island avenue stations. also for a train near tenley
5:59 pm
town. the reprecushions could be felt throughout the system. our team coverage begins with bruce johnson who is live at rhode island avenue. bruce. >> derek, how are you doing? there's the train right there. it is coming from brentwood. it's at the rhode island avenue station. but let's go back to this morning. we have footage of that same train. it was headed toward rhode island avenue station when it stopped about half way. the power underneath it. that important middle rail lost power. some 60 people had to be taken off of that train. let's listen to the metro spokesman and tell them how they did it. >> we put ladders in place. we escort them and provide assistance. so that process began at about 8:45. it took about 15 minutes and after that, passengers were on their way on buses. no injuries as a result of the evacuation. passengers were evaluated. >> okay, so we had two people

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